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Abernathy Public Library

Who We Are

City Hall

The Abernathy Public Library (inside City Hall) is located in Abernathy, Texas, situated at the Hale/Lubbock county line. Our population hovers at a little less than 3,000.   The history of the library is filled with hard work, determination, a vision, and a community coming together for the common good. 

 - June 1951:  the 1935 Study Club voted to begin a summer reading program.  Each member was asked to donate 5 books which were stored in a club member's home until a room at the High School became available.  Club members took turns as librarians.

-Fall 1951:  The library moved to the Elementary School. Shelves were filled with book donations from townspeople and the Study Club spent $50 for new books. 

-October 1951:  The library was given the name "Abernathy Public Library".

-1953:  Mrs. Oma Toler became the first paid librarian.

-May 1955:  The library was moved from the Elementary School to City Hall.

A lot of fun was enjoyed along the way with bake sales, fruitcake sales, birthday calendar sales and game parties.