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Abernathy Public Library

Behavior in the Library

2.G. Patron Conduct Policy

 To insure that all patrons may have considerate use of the Abernathy Public Library, appropriate behavior is expected. Violation of any of the following rules will result in a warning and/or expulsion from the property. Whenever necessary, police will be contacted. The Director and staff have authority to carry out all powers of this policy.

The following behavior is prohibited in the Library: 

  1. Disorderly conduct.

  2. Soliciting

  3. Smoking or any tobacco products.

  4. Physical abuse, assault on another person, or the use of abusive, loud, insulting, or threatening language, including hand gestures.

  5. Sexual harassment or abuse, or the use of sexually offensive language, innuendo, or inquiry.

  6. Intoxication from alcohol or other drugs.

  7. Bathing or washing clothes.

  8. Placing feet on tables, chairs or other furnishings.

  9. Unattended packages, bags, or personal belongings.

  10. Improper acts that are subject to prosecution under criminal or civil codes of law. In person or on the Internet.

  11. Failure to comply with the Internet Policy.

  12. No food or drinks at the computers.

  13. Bringing animals into the Library with the exception of service animals.

 Anyone who violates any of the above rules or who habitually violates the above rules may be excluded from the Library as a matter of administrative policy.

 Persons who violate the above rules may be instructed by the Library staff or person in authority to leave the building. Failure to leave as instructed constitutes unlawful trespass.

 These rules have been formulated with the cooperation of the City of Abernathy and the Abernathy Police Department.

Library Policies

Any patron interested in obtaining a library card or in using any of the services provided by the library should expect to cooperate with the following policies.

Library Policies:

  • The City of Abernathy Library serves residents of Abernathy. 
  • A valid Texas Driver’s License or picture ID must be presented before a card may be issued
  • Children will not have their own card.
  • First time check out can be limited to three items; subsequent checkouts will go up if no fines are incurred.  No more than three videos may be checked out per patron.
  • Library staff will not be responsible for content of the books checked out by patrons.
  • Books and audio books are checked out for two weeks. 
  • DVD's are checked out for one week.
  • R rated videos will not be checked out to anyone unable to prove they are above the age of 17.
  • Books can be rechecked if they have not been reserved.  Renewals will be given for an additional two weeks, and can be done over the phone, online catalog or through e-mail.
  • Books may be reserved by phone, online catalog, email or in person and will be held three days after notification unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Ten cents per day per book will be charged for overdue books.  Twenty-five cents per day per disc will be charged for audio and video materials.  Items will not be checked out to anyone who has an overdue item or a fine.
  • The City of Abernathy will place a “flag” on the driver’s license of any patron responsible for outstanding fines or overdue materials.  Flags will remain in place until the account is settled.
  • A parent must be present if a child is using the computer. Minor computer release forms must be filled out, by an adult, for each child to use the computers.
  • Library staff will NOT be responsible for content viewed by children while on the internet.
  • Staff can make photocopies for the public.  Copies are 10 cents per page.
  • The library will occasionally close for inclement weather.  Call ahead if you are unsure.

Patron Code of Conduct:

  • No tobacco products, food, or drinks will be allowed in the library.
  • Disruptive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Unattended/unsupervised children are not permitted.  If an appropriate caregiver cannot be reached, unattended children will be placed in the care of local authorities.
  • Abuse or misuse of premises will be reported to local authorities.
  • Offensive language, conduct, or hygiene will cancel all library privileges.
  • Threats against library staff, patrons, or property will be promptly reported to local authorities, and you will be asked to leave.
  • When using cell phones, please be considerate of other library patrons, and take the call outside.