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Abernathy Public Library

Computer & Internet Policy

Computer & Internet Policy

 Eligibility for Use
Anyone 18 years or older may use the computers. A driver's license or other
valid ID with birth date information is required for age verification.
Patrons under 18 may use the computers if:
A. A parent/guardian accompanies the minor;
B. Minors 13 or older may use the computers without an adult present if a
parent/guardian comes to the library and completes the “Internet Access for Minors” form;
Access to a computer is obtained by signing in on the sign-up sheet;
Materials may be printed at the cost of 10¢ per page;
 Allowed Activities:
access to information, e-mail, chat rooms, games;
 Unacceptable Use:
1. Inappropriate, obscene, or illegal activity/materials

Illegal materials include, but are not limited to, obscenity and child pornography

Texas Penal Code, Sections 43.21, 43.22, and 43.24
are the statutes which make display of obscene material a criminal offense.  While the internet is an unfiltered medium, the Library is not responsible for charges brought by library patrons against other library patrons for claims of violation of the above statues.

2. Minors are prohibited from accessing materials considered “Harmful to Minors”.
Library staff reserves the right to determine, based on community standards, materials considered to be “Harmful to Minors”
3. Installation, downloading, or modification of software is prohibited;
4. Misuse of the computers, including but not limited to: damaging or attempting to damage equipment or software, and violating copyright laws and software licensing agreements;
Internet access is not censored through the use of filtering software. Patrons use it at their own risk.

The library cannot control the internet. Problems often occur. Sometimes they are our problem, and sometimes they are not. Please keep in mind that you are using this service FREE of charge. If you complain too loudly about our FREE service, or FREE computers, you will be invited to leave. SO BE NICE.

Privacy / Confidentiality
The Abernathy Public Library seeks to protect the First Amendment rights of its users and their individual right to privacy. However, Internet users must be sensitive to the fact that workstations in public areas and, therefore, images on the screen are subject to view by a wide audience. Users are urged to respect the sensibilities of others when accessing information that may reasonably be offensive to someone else. However, absolute privacy for individuals using electronic resources in the library cannot be guaranteed. There exists a possibility of inadvertent viewing by others, either by watching the user's screen, or because a user might leave the screen unattended. The Abernathy Public Library respects the confidentiality of those using its electronic resources and will release records only as required by law or for the library's operations.

Our public internet access is NOT filtered on any computer. The library is not responsible for minors' internet selection.
Time Limits
A patron is allowed 20 minutes of computer time. If someone is waiting, the patron is asked to close out his work. If there is no one waiting, there is no limit on time a computer may be used;

Patrons may use the internet on a first come first serve basis.

Staff may limit access to computers at any time.

No more than two users per terminal.

Some computers do NOT support flash drives.

Librarians are available to help with any problems, but not to provide training;

Library staff is available for basic help on the computers as our time and skills allow. Due to privacy concerns, we will not help with sensitive information.

Loss of Computer Privileges
Anyone violating this policy may be banned from using the Library's computers and internet.

Adopted 2005